Kanchana Rises To The Challenge As A Social Media Influencer

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One reason why some people never make it as a social media influencer is that they lack the ability to consistently produce high-quality content. In order to be successful as an influencer, one must be able to consistently create content that is engaging, visually appealing, and relevant to their target audience. If an influencer is unable to produce this type of content, they will struggle to grow their audience and attract brands that are looking to collaborate with them as an influencer.

Another reason why some people never make it as a social media influencer is that they lack the ability to effectively market themselves. Simply having a large following does not guarantee success as an influencer. In order to be successful, an influencer must be able to effectively market themselves and their content to their target audience. This includes not only promoting their content on their own social media channels, but also reaching out to other influencers and brands to collaborate and cross-promote. Without the ability to effectively market themselves, an influencer will struggle to grow their audience and monetize their platform.

Kanchana has risen to the challenge of being a top social media influencer

Kanchana has worked with multiple fashion brands such as Farfetch, Princess Polly, Gshock, MOTF, Guess, Revolve, Cash-By Cash app, David’s Bridal, Polene Paris, Cosette, and many more. Her unstoppable passion for what she has created for these brands makes her stand out amongst so many others in social media marketing. We’ve caught up with Kanchana to ask her about what she is doing presently and how she became an influencer.

I started creating random videos for fun and QUICKLY learned trends and skills to create better content

Have you worked with another social influencer on a campaign before? If so, what factors led to your decision to work together?

I am launching my social media agency on 2.3.23 with another influencer friend of mine. As creators, we work well as a team therefore this project of mine going to be very exciting.

When would you decline a paid sponsorship?

If it’s not aligned with my brand and when a brand is demanding so many deliverables for so little money. I believe it takes time to create better content, and I love working with brands who trust my work and allow me to create something that my audience would love to see.

What would you do if your uploads were unfairly deleted?

This has never happened to me before but I’d submit a petition or if it still didn’t work I’ll try to repost. Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms have ways for you to have your content reviewed by a live person and in most cases I’ve heard where it was a mistake by the apps’ automated systems, the content was cleared as a post.

If you believe in your content, stand by it. Kanchana

What is one tip you would give a new influencer starting their career?

Trust the process. I know there are so many social media gurus but what will help you be successful is the quality of your content. Keep learning new skills and improve your work because I am still learning and it’s very important to survive in this industry.

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